How to Improve your Speaking Voice

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How to Improve Your Speaking Voice with Speeach ModulationSachin Tendulkar is a great Indian batsman who has won many Cricket awards and accolades all over the globe. His only drawback?? His shrill voice.

As a result, a joke always starts and ends with his voice. It’s not just him.

There are a number of people who have done exceedingly well in life. However, the only hitch is their voice. All thanks to their voice, they have always been the butt of all jokes. Even worse, their hindrance is often used to provoke the person. This especially happens if a boy has a shrill or a piercing voice. Even a loud voice has its limitations. People take offense if your tone is high pitched without a reason.

Thankfully, voice modulation has helped a number of people big time. Like every other aspect in life, a zeal to reach your goal and a little hard work can work wonders.  

Record Your Own Voice

Invest in a recorder. In fact, even a cell phone with a voice recording feature should work. To start with, record your own voice on the first day. Continue recording your voice at a particular time every week. You will soon notice the change and will be proud of the slow but steady change in the way your voice is shaping up.

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