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Welcome to smalltalkprofessional.com

I am Christopher Lewis, the guy behind this website. After a 20 years career in sales, business and leadership consulting I decided to go with my passion: helping people to achieve their goals in personal growth. I do this through personal development seminars and public speaking training, mainly in the Philadelphia area.

To reach more people than those on the U.S. East Coast I decided to built this website to teach you everything I know about small talk. When I do not blog on this site you can find me spending time with my beautiful wife and my two amazing kids.


How to get started

This website is all about leveraging your Small Talk potential to become more sucessful in your professional and personal life. No matter whether you have to fight anxiety when speaking to strangers, or you always seem to run out of casual topics when beeing alone with your boss or clients - the articles on the site will get you started to daily improve your small talk skills.

If you want more and quicker results take a look at the 30 Day Small Talk Professional course where I condensed all techniques that will enable you to master the art of small talk.


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