How to Improve your Speaking Voice

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How to Improve Your Speaking Voice with Speeach ModulationSachin Tendulkar is a great Indian batsman who has won many Cricket awards and accolades all over the globe. His only drawback?? His shrill voice.

As a result, a joke always starts and ends with his voice. It’s not just him.

There are a number of people who have done exceedingly well in life. However, the only hitch is their voice. All thanks to their voice, they have always been the butt of all jokes. Even worse, their hindrance is often used to provoke the person. This especially happens if a boy has a shrill or a piercing voice. Even a loud voice has its limitations. People take offense if your tone is high pitched without a reason.

Thankfully, voice modulation has helped a number of people big time. Like every other aspect in life, a zeal to reach your goal and a little hard work can work wonders.  

Record Your Own Voice

Invest in a recorder. In fact, even a cell phone with a voice recording feature should work. To start with, record your own voice on the first day. Continue recording your voice at a particular time every week. You will soon notice the change and will be proud of the slow but steady change in the way your voice is shaping up.

How to Make Conversation with Colleagues?

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How to Make Conversation with ColleaguesIn an ideal world, your office or the workplace becomes a homelike place where you do not feel exhausted after a full day’s work. You enjoy the working environment or the atmosphere, and simultaneously, your interest and enthusiasm towards your work escalate, and you feel the fullness of life while working.

The struggle to reap the benefits

However, not all the working professionals can establish good relationship with the colleagues, and thus they fail to reap the benefits. Many of the professionals fail to realize the vital significance of communication or the conversation.

Truly speaking, you lose nothing by talking to your colleagues. In fact, the communication or conversation strengthens your relationships if you talk or communicate in an appropriate manner.

But striking a conversation is not that easy, and especially if you are new to the workplace, it is quite a tough task to start a conversation. However, if you apply the below tips, you would surely succeed in making a good conversation with your colleagues.

How to Get Away From a Conversation Without Being Rude

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get away from a conversationWe are all familiar with situations when we start to feel restless during conversation with someone.

There can be a number of reasons for that, including our emotional conditions, our ways of communicating.

Sometimes these are deeper problems at the level of personality, but whatever causes unease during the conversation, we can say that most people do not know how to solve this problem without causing even bigger discomfort – both for yourself and for the other interlocutor.

What brings most of us into an unpleasant situation during the conversation?

These are usually similar things to which some people are prone:

  • to continue to talk after shared enough information
  • begin to talk about the details that we do not want to know;
  • change the topic of the conversation.

And how most of us feel about it?

Also similar to most: with unrest, nervousness, feeling of disrespect of our time and personality...

If we do not react timely, we will start feeling angry.

Book Review: How to Talk to Anyone

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Oh, the celebrity you craved to see does not have such majestic appearance as you had imagined!

Yes, he looks pretty simple, and perhaps less handsome than you.

When you look at his educational background, you find him to be a mediocre. Then, what is it that has made him so exalted in the eyes and the hearts of the people?

You fail to understand until you hear him speak or find him sitting next to you and talking.

The moments he starts talking, your discomfort melts away silently and you never realize that you are listening to an extraordinary personality, but to an ordinary folk.

You feel an invisible cord between him and you.

Yes, it is his communication skills that enable him to penetrate deep within your heart in no time.

How did he learn all these?

If you are thinking to improve and sharpen your communication skills, you are at the right junction here.

How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships” would show you the tricks about how you can captivate every heart around you.

The Benefits of Improving Your Social Skills

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The Benefits of Improving Your Social SkillsSince the humankind came into being, man has been searching for effective ways of communication.

From using cave drawings to hand symbols, from developing phonemes to having an extensive language vocabulary, mankind has been involved in improving their social skills.

In recent times, it has even turned into a crucial part of the educational curriculum and a successful business as special classes and workshops are organized around the world to facilitate participants in building on their social skills.

Improving your social skills guarantees one success in life. As the saying goes, “the squeaky wheel gets the most oil”, being squeaky also entails having a better way of communication than your competitors to grab others’ attention. In today’s age, communication alone isn’t enough to achieve success and fame; it is the right and appropriate way of communication that takes one far in life and that appropriate ways are paved by one’s social skills.

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