5 Small Talk Training Grounds Where You Can Practice Your Conversation Skills

Written by Christopher Lewis. Posted in Blog

Places to practice casual conversationBuilding your small talk ability is very important in the professional world. Making conversation and drawing an immediate connection with someone is essential in sales and is going to help your business thrive.
However, not everyone has the capabilities of just talking with anyone and immediately diving into a friendly conversation. If you do not have this ability yet, it is necessary for you to practice small talk in comfortable settings. Now, you need to do this with people you do not know, but having a shared interest is always important and is something that you can do in a few different locations.

Sports Bar

This can be a bit hit or miss, depending on the kind of bar you go to or the game you are watching. Most fans are not going to want to hold extended conversations during specific games, so it really depends on a few different factors.
But in case you are a sports fan and interested in the game, it automatically is a connection you can establish with other fans. This way, you both know what you are talking about and you can feel comfortable interacting with these people. Feeling comfortable and confident is essential and is not something that you are going to develop overnight, but as long as you practice your small talk in a sports bar or other training ground, you can grow your confidence.

Shopping Checkout Line

You and the person in front of you are both shopping and you both are waiting around for your turn to check out. You obviously have a connection right there, so you might be able to move forward with it. Not everyone is going to be up for making a conversation in line, but if there is a problem with the checkout, the cashier is training and it is taking longer than normal, or if the individual at the front of the line is having their own problems, it can give you an in and a way to talk with the other customer in front of you. Plus, this kind of a conversation is only going to last a minute or two, so you do not need to make conversation for long, but it can help you build your skills for developing quick conversation tactics.

Blind Date

Here, not only can you work on your conversation skills but you can also meet someone nice. There are all sorts of dating websites you can sign up for. While it might take a bit of time before you meet someone in person, there really is nothing like practicing your conversation skills with someone in the flesh, on a date. This basically is like a job interview, only on a friendly matter. Even if the overall date does not go well, you can still feel good that you had a chance to work on your conversation skills.


You're sitting there, watching your children play on the playground, right along with other parents. Perhaps you sit next to another parent on a park bench or they sit next to you, but however the interaction begins, you both are there with really nothing to do outside of watching your children, so this is as good a time as any to make conversation.

Child's Sporting Event

This is similar to the playground, although it is a bit more organized. You are around parents, many of who are going to be close to the same age. While you root your child on, it is also a nice way to make conversation with the other parents and work on conversation skills.

Community Meetups

Yes, meetups like networking events are definitely one of the more challenging places to practice your conversation skills. Therefore you might want to start off with meetups that are non-formal or around leisure activities. The good thing is when you attend such events you have the chance to take conversation sprints. That means you decide when to engage in a conversation and that you have many chances to begin new conversations even though you might feel you were not entertaining or relaxed enough in the first attempts.

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