How to Improve your Speaking Voice

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How to Improve Your Speaking Voice with Speeach ModulationSachin Tendulkar is a great Indian batsman who has won many Cricket awards and accolades all over the globe. His only drawback?? His shrill voice.

As a result, a joke always starts and ends with his voice. It’s not just him.

There are a number of people who have done exceedingly well in life. However, the only hitch is their voice. All thanks to their voice, they have always been the butt of all jokes. Even worse, their hindrance is often used to provoke the person. This especially happens if a boy has a shrill or a piercing voice. Even a loud voice has its limitations. People take offense if your tone is high pitched without a reason.

Thankfully, voice modulation has helped a number of people big time. Like every other aspect in life, a zeal to reach your goal and a little hard work can work wonders.  

Record Your Own Voice

Invest in a recorder. In fact, even a cell phone with a voice recording feature should work. To start with, record your own voice on the first day. Continue recording your voice at a particular time every week. You will soon notice the change and will be proud of the slow but steady change in the way your voice is shaping up.

Take Help

This is the time your friends can help you shape your voice and your life. Tell them about the changes in your voice that you plan to make. Take their help and ask their opinions. Make them a part of your daily exercise routine. This exercise has a dual advantage. It will help you change your voice.

At the same time, you will be able to differentiate between your real friends and the fake ones.


Thankfully, the exercises revolving round voice modulation does not include any physical activity. All you need to do is hold a confident posture by sitting upright and holding your head high as if you are leading a conversation. Do not slouch or put your head down.

Yes... This is a confidence building exercise. However, through confidence comes change in your speaking voice.

Breathe Right

Your best voice (which is your base voice) comes from the diaphragm. Once you learn to breathe right, your voice will automatically change for the better. You need to take a deep breath, hold it and exhale with a low sound. Yoga is the best form of exercise for breathing and voice modulation.

Take a Class

A number of people have seen a lot of benefits through singing and acting classes. These classes show you the different pitches your voice can give you. You now know, the pitch which is easy to get and the pitch you really need to work on. These classes are fun and interactive.

However, if you can afford it, hire a personal voice coach. Just like a personal fitness coach, the personal voice coach will push you get the voice you desire faster.

However, if your voice is a result of a medical condition, you would need to consult your doctor before you start exercising your vocal chords. You really do not want a medical bill in an effort of getting a good voice now, do you?

Take Action!

The tips mentioned above seem easy. The truth is... they are as easy as they look as long as you take action.

In time, you will see the difference and will be proud you actually took the effort to make the change.

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